Archive | October, 2013

Airports API Version 1.2.1

31 Oct


  • /airports/maxDate added, so that users can find the latest date available for long-term forecasting.

Airports API Version 1.1.12

31 Oct


  •  Documentation at has been improved, and now includes descriptions of return values.
  •  The “.json” suffix in API paths is now optional for “/flights” and “/airports”. The documentation site will no longer generate URLs with this suffix. However, URLs with the “.json” suffix will still be accepted.
  •  Programmatic API access has moved to and now uses Swagger API version 1.2.0, to match Swagger UI version 2.0.2.

WhatsBusy and CLEAR Partnership

25 Oct

Ever been frustrated that there’s no faster way to move through a security line? Well WhatsBusy and CLEAR have partnered to allow passengers to bypass the security line. WhatsBusy will be displaying wait times on its mobile and desktop applications. For airports where CLEAR equipment is installed, a traveler can grab a free 3-month CLEAR pass on WhatsBusy’s site towards the bottom of the page.

CLEAR passengers zip through security in less than 5 minutes. So now if you see a line on WhatsBusy, you can breeze through it with CLEAR.

Thanksgiving Airport Traffic – When is it the Busiest?

25 Oct

It’s always interesting to look at data. So what days really are the busiest during the Thanksgiving holiday, and how that does vary by airport? Let’s look at the checkpoint traffic for the major US airports. We see in most cases that the traffic is lowest on Thanksgiving Day (maybe not that big of a surprise) but where the peaks fall before and after Turkey Thursday. The black line represents Thanksgiving Day. Thee outputs are all for 2010 for Atlanta Airport, Los Angeles Airport, and Chicago O’Hare Airport.