RSPA’s POS Data Series, and Why You’re Missing Out

15 Nov

The RSPA – widely regarded as brick and mortar’s technology solutions trade association – has started a monthly webinar series to educate the industry about the commercial value in POS data syndication. The agenda for the series can be found in the Lunch and Learn section of RSPA’s Education page, and it’s free to all participants, including non-members.


While I am biased because we have a hand in orchestrating the presenters and content, this is the only opportunity we’re aware of where those in brick and mortar can hear experts in their field discuss the no-bullshit commercial opportunities in POS data. Yes, we write about it all the time, but it’s still coming second-hand.

Well, here’s your opportunity to hear it first-hand, straight from someone who isn’t as ugly.

Now if you’re someone who refuses to acknowledge the value merchants will reap when their POS is connected to the outside ecosystem of ecommerce platforms, search engines, online ordering sites, and delivery services, just stop reading right now and run to the nearest rock so you can etch your commentary and send it to me via dodo bird next year.

For everyone else, the next session takes place this Friday at 1 Eastern (GMT – 5) and you can register for it here.

This session brings in metadata experts Kevin Hanna of Vendasta and Elaine Screnci of Acxiom to make clear how simple merchant data – name, address, phone – makes all of our digital experiences seamless, and how those with said data have easy commercial opportunities.

For merchants, correcting this data is worth tens of billions in missed revenue, so everyone should be paying attention.