How the Airlines Are Making Our Airport Security Wait Times Worse

22 Sep

You’ve probably been to the airport and seen personnel in nondescript vests pushing around the elderly and disabled to the security checkpoint. These people are ushers, and are contractors to the major air carriers falling under the banner of PrimeFlight, G2 or AirServe. Normally, I would never have noticed their activities as out-of-norm. But on a recent trip to San Francisco International Airport, they were doing something quite interesting.

I arrived for my departure 2 hours before take off at Terminal 1, gates 40-48. The queue was a respectable 20 minutes, but then these personnel in nondescript vests started asking everyone in line for their departure time. To my surprise there were people around me who had to catch a flight in 30 minutes. But even MORE surprising, the personnel in nondescript vests moved these travelers to the front of the queue! Soon my wait burgeoned from a mere 20 minutes to 38. There were over 200 passengers that were placed in the queue in front of me.

After digging into some research I learned these people were PrimeFlight personnel. Their job was to move travelers devoid of any personal responsibility to the front of the line. So I posit this to the airlines: what’s my incentive to follow rules and get to the airport on time?Primeflight

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