American Airlines: Our Very Expensive Airport of the Future

1 Nov

American Airlines is sprucing up select terminals with its vision for the what the future of travel will look like. Better lighting. More power outlets. Ergonomic features. Yet with all the advancements one thing is stuck in the past: security wait times.

To help passengers wayfind to their gate American Airlines contracted Countwise, a camera hardware provider, to install a camera system to deliver real-time waits to passengers on large screens above the checkpoint. To implement a successful roll out, American Airlines will need to install a set of cameras above each checkpoint for every airport in the country. By our counts, the top 100 US airports have 407 checkpoints in total. At an average cost of $100,000 per install and maintenance, American Airlines could provide this value to passengers for a meager $40,000,000.

Of course, this doesn’t really help passengers get wait time information for future departures. But you can be comforted in knowing that your wait time uncertainty will at least be greeted by plenty of power outlets.

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