How Different Airports are “Solving” Airport Wait Times

16 Nov

Frequently we hear reporters ask how different airports are producing wait times for passengers. We could have saved a lot of time by publishing this post long ago and giving the link to reporters. Here’s our understanding of what technologies are being used to produce real-time wait times

- Dulles International Airport: Overhead camera system

- Hartfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport: Manual counting from airport employees

- Bush Intercontinental Airport/Houston Hobby Airport: Bluetooth

- Denver International Airport: Manual counting from airport contractor

- Dallas Fort Worth Airport (Terminal A): Overhead camera system employed by American Airlines

- Tampa International Airport: Bluetooth

- Indianapolis International Airport: Bluetooth, but they stopped using it after evaluating accuracy

- Chicago O’Hare International Airport and John F Kennedy International Airport will be bringing real-time waits with a WiFi/Bluetooth hybrid system

We’ve also seen what we think is the best solution for real-time waits, mainly because it costs $0.50 per security lane. You might have seen some of these genius inventions before at Disney properties…

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